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The construction industry always has new and exciting trends coming out.

Having construction work completed in your home can sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  It can be a pleasant and sometimes exciting process. If you’re tired of the appearance of your home, you can follow some of these construction trends below to change things up.

Affordable services can allow you to make your home look stunning, while also raising its value (great if you’d like to flip it or plan to sell in the next couple years).

Continue reading to catch up on the latest trends that construction companies in Seattle are doing!

Home Remodeling Trends

Interior home remodeling is a specialty amongst many construction companies. There are a variety of trendy things like basement bars, kitchen islands, or wall removals that can be done within a house, and Delano Construction offers the services that can and will raise the value of your home.

Here are some construction trends that homeowners are getting in their homes:

Basement Bar Trends in Construction

Basement bars are a very popular trend that can give your home a nice place to relax and enjoy a bar environment, without having to leave the house. 

It is a place where your friends and family can gather to drink, watch sports and be entertained. Construction companies have been offering basement bar additions because many people want to relive the nostalgia of the 80s, in which home bars were highly popular.  And it’s a great place to gather, rather than everyone hanging out in the kitchen!

There are tons of basement bar ideas that will add life to a place that is commonly known for simply storing extra boxes.

Kitchen Remodel Construction

Remodeling a kitchen can dramatically raise a home’s value and it can be a very affordable option that Delano Construction can do for you.  Not many places in your house raise the value as much as a quality kitchen remodel!

When you remodel your kitchen, you are not only giving it a new look, but you’re also adding features that you previously didn’t have. Things like new flooring, appliances, and shelves will make your kitchen an inviting place that family time can be enjoyed.

We follow the best construction trends to provide you with many options to choose from. Just like basement bars, there are plenty of kitchen design ideas that can make your kitchen a lot more appealing and functional.

Excavation Construction Companies Seattle

Excavation is a recent trend that construction companies are doing because it gives the customer more options in terms of home design. 

Out of all the construction companies in Seattle, Delano Construction provides the best excavation services because of our reasonable costs and professionals on staff. We can provide you affordable services such as:

  • regrading land
  • leveling uneven land
  • preparing foundation
  • installing drainage
  • installing lawn accessories (rocks, plants, patios)
  • installing sod

Sod is a very popular trend because it allows homeowners to have a beautiful green lawn without having to plant seeds and wait weeks to hope it grows in. You don’t have to worry about patches because we provide consistent sod that is evenly green throughout and immediate provides new life to your landscaping.

Gutter Work in Seattle

Gutters are important to keep your home safe and undamaged. Overflown gutters can lead to foundation issues and external damage caused by water. 

One of the newest construction trends that Delano Construction has perfected is the production of gutters on the job site. We make gutters right at your home to quickly provide you with high-quality, custom gutters without waiting for manufacturing.

Delano Construction Beats Other Construction Companies in Seattle

Home remodeling, excavation, and gutter work are all trendy things that homeowners are hiring people to do. Construction companies in Seattle are slowly adding these to their services, but Delano Construction already has it all!

Now that you’re caught up with the latest trends, get started by contacting us to get involved with our affordable construction services.

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