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With consumer confidence skyrocketing and unemployment down, American citizens are becoming homeowners at the fastest rates we’ve seen in the last half-decade.

While being a homeowner carries with it a tremendous sense of pride, it also carries with it the need for regular maintenance.

Roofs, gutters, floors… You name the item and at some point, you’ll need to call in a general contractor to help you fix it.

So, if you live in the Tacoma area, how can you hire the best general contractors Tacoma has to offer? Given the volume of contractors out there, the process can be far from easy.

To help make things as foolproof as possible, our team has compiled a list of 5 contractor finding tips to lean on.

1. Dig Around Locally and Online

Finding contractors in your area can be as easy as hopping on Yelp, Facebook or Google to see if there are any high rated teams that are available for work.

While taking to the internet alone can be an effective strategy, you’d be surprised to learn that many of the general contractors that Tacoma has to offer lack a robust online presences.

Because of that, be sure to subsidize your search by talking to local sources for recommendations. These sources can be family, friends, city hall or local businesses with contractor hiring experience.

2. Get Multiple Bids

There are a lot of contractors out there and they will all make different bids on your project. To make sure you find the best contractor for your job, we recommend sourcing 2-3 bids from qualified companies so you can compare and contrast.

Remember, cheaper isn’t always better. You want to find the highest quality contractor at the best possible price.

Hiring cut-rate workers may mean needing to get your project redone soon after completion.

3. Discuss What Your Contractor’s Bid Means

With some contractors, their bids are more estimates than actual contracts. That’s why many hesitate to put their bids into legally binding writing.

To make sure you know what to expect, be sure to ask your contractor if their bid is a fixed price or an estimate. If it’s an estimate, have them tell you what’s keeping them from locking in an actual price. work together with the contractor to determine a potential range of how much the project could cost.

4. Ask About Subcontracting

Sometimes you build great rapport with a contractor only to find out later that they won’t be touching your job. Instead, they may be subcontracting out your work to other general contractors and pocketing the cost difference.

While subcontracting isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you’re uncomfortable with it, you need to let your contractor know up front so you both can be on the same page.

5. Figure out When They Can Start

A lot of times, the best contractors are already tied up in other jobs. That means they won’t be able to start on your job immediately without subcontracting.

This is a good sign in many cases since you want a contractor that’s in-demand. It can be troublesome though if you’re looking for your job to get completed right away.

To set expectations, have your contractor give you a date they can start your job alongside their bid. That way you can weigh the start information into your contractor selection process.

Wrapping up How to Hire the Best General Contractors Tacoma Has to Offer

If you’re looking to bring on the best general contractors Tacoma has to offer to complete your job, we recommend leveraging our list of tips for hiring contractors. Each one of them will help you manage your expectations and will reduce surprises later in you and your contractor’s relationship.

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