questions to ask a general contractor

You need a contractor for a remodeling job in Tacoma. Do you know what questions to ask a general contractor? Asking the right questions is a critical part of your projects’ success.

First of all, congratulations on your decision to remodel. It’s a big step towards personalizing a home that is truly yours. And it’s your contractor’s job to help you deliver on your goals.

But even the best contractors aren’t mind readers. You have an opportunity to shape your home into the space you desire. Are you ready to do your part and share that vision with your team?

9 Questions to Ask a General Contractor

Construction projects have risks and liabilities that you can avoid. The right construction partner will ensure you have the best experience and the right peace of mind. These are the questions to ask a general contractor before making a commitment.

How long have you been working in the industry?

Be wary of firms that are new to the business. They might have talent but they won’t know the risk factors. Choose a licensed company with years of successes under their belt.

Do you have the proper insurance?

Construction involves a lot of moving pieces–literally. Make sure your contractor has insurance to cover them all. You shouldn’t be liable for accidental damage or injury to any party.

Have you done jobs similar to mine before?

Seasoned contractors are familiar with most home projects. But your best bet is to choose someone who understands your specific needs. Ask for examples and references from previous jobs similar to yours.

Can you make a commitment to guarantees on work, time, and materials?

Some contractors will break budgets and drag out projects for days. Be sure you have certain guarantees to ensure your project stays within scope.

Will you provide work supervision at all times during the project?

When sharing your vision, you’ll deal with stakeholders and supervisors. You want to make sure the people that understand your goals are on the job. Be sure someone’s onsite to make sure things are going as planned.

Will you provide a dedicated team?

Some contractors will rotate workers on residential projects. That means different people are working on your project on any given day. Be sure your contractor has dedicated workers, even if they’re not full-time employees.

What’s my role during the construction process?

Avoid contractors who say you have no responsibilities during the project. This is your project and you should be able to contribute. That could be simple approvals or direct creative input throughout.

What is your payment schedule?

If you’re investing in a construction project, you’re on a budget. You don’t want surprise invoices as you move forward. Make sure you understand when you will be billed, for what, and generally how much.

Will you be available whenever I need an update?

You should receive at least an informal commitment to regular or impromptu updates. Find a contractor with some flexibility in this area. Your attention to the details will ensure your ultimate success.

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