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Considering a major remodel to the landscaping around your house? Or did you find the perfect piece of property and are ready to develop it and build your dream home?

If you’re reading this article, the answer is probably “not yet” or, “maybe”, or even “working on it.” Perhaps you’re thinking about having that dream yard or landscaping or are adding a new section to make your abode even more splendid.

That’s where excavation contractors shine.

But hiring excavation services can be a stress-filled experience if you don’t know how to handle it. That’s why we’ve created a short guide with everything you need to know.

What Does Excavation Entail?

Excavation occurs when construction crews remove soil from a property. It happens for a variety of reasons, including:

As you can see, excavation services are not only for homeowners, but those considering building a home.

Excavating a site requires more than simply moving dirt around. Crews must level the area, add in trenches, grade and drain the soil and much more. It’s an important process that impacts the entire future of your home and your safety.

That’s why excavating takes a dedicated team who won’t cut corners.

How to Hire Excavation Contractors

If you’re ready for your site to be excavated or for a major landscaping project, your first order of business should be hiring the appropriate team.

Start by asking friends if they have had any experiences with excavation companies. Doing so gives you insights into which companies your acquaintances respect.

Next, consider the type of project you would like completed.

Not all excavation companies have the equipment to complete your project. Some only specialize in certain projects.

At this point, begin listing companies that can complete your project and investigate their customer reviews and qualifications. Find a company that is insured, bonded and licensed, but keep in mind requirements vary by state.

Finally, give Delano Construction a call to compare our services and pricing. At that point, you can decide which you believe would provide the best service.

What to Expect When the Crew Breaks Ground

Each project is different, but the process for laying foundations follows similar patterns.

The excavation process begins well before any particle of dirt is moved. Crews explore the site plan, which outlines information about the project and helps identify potential issues.

During this time, permits are obtained for construction and in more rural or undeveloped land, crews create paths to access the site. Sometimes, obtaining permits alone takes weeks or even months.

Then, the real work begins.

Preparing the Site for a New Building Site

For new building sites, crews prepare the site typically by placing silt fences on the property, removing trees and other barriers and stripping the topsoil. They will also mark where utilities are.

Digging and Concrete

After crews prepare the property, the excavation contractors begin digging. Much thought goes into this portion of the procedure.

Contractors must consider the dimensions of the building as well as the surrounding geography, as these elements impact drainage.

After the company sets the foundation, crews pour concrete.

Foundation and Compacting

Workers waterproof the foundation and check and install the drainage systems. Other safety measures occur at this step, as well, and then workers compact the soil to strengthen the foundation.

The Finish Line

After much hard labor, the site is ready for framing, roofing, siding and other construction.

The excavation process’s length varies from several days to a couple of months.

Hard-Earned Beauty

Excavation contractors work hard to ensure that you can enjoy a stable, safe home or the most beautiful landscaping and hardscaping available. But they can also help in other ways.

Read all about five beautiful landscaping ideas that a trusted construction company can bring to your new home. Your dream house really can become a reality.

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