Handyman Tacoma

Do you have a minor household project that you’ve been avoiding? Do you have a small budget for home repairs?

You may want to consider hiring a handyman. These professionals are perfect for jobs like installing light fixtures, patching up drywall, and painting.

Handymen charge by the hour and materials used, so you may end up spending a good deal less than you would on a licensed contractor.

How do you find the best handyman Tacoma has to offer? Here are some ideas.


Some handymen are self-trained. Others have specialties such as gutter repair, carpentry, painting, tiling, and outdoor excavation. Still more handymen have specialized skills in areas such as plumbing and electrical work.

The licensing requirements for a handyman vary by state. In Washington, handymen do not need a license, but all contractors and specialty contractors need to be registered with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

A handyman is considered by the state to be a specialty contractor. Their work is classified as a handyman’s if it is under $2,000.

If you are considering a particular handyman, you will want to ask for their WSDLI registration number, and check it on their website.


If you can’t get handyman references by word-of-mouth from trusted friends and family, online reviews are another great place to look. Sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and HomeAdvisor are great platforms where people often share honest assessments and valuable photos. You can also check for complaints on the Better Business Bureau.

You will want to look for a handyman who has communicated well with clients in the past. Former customers may comment about the professional’s timeliness, cleanliness, and efficiency.  Look to see whether or not the handyman tried to sell the client on any work they were not interested in.

Some great handymen do follow-up visits if a similar problem surfaces. You will also want to read whether or not handymen stayed for more hours than they originally stated.

Get It In Writing

You will want to avoid handymen who solicit work door-to-door, over the phone, or on the Internet. It is also unwise to hire someone who won’t quote you a price up front, or expects payment before work is done.

Get a quote in writing from your contractor before they begin working. It should include the price per hour, number of hours, and the price of materials. It should also state the date and times they plan to begin and end the work.

Find Your Handyman, Tacoma-Style

Once you have checked on your candidate’s WSDLI registration, read satisfactory reviews, and gotten a price guarantee in writing, you are ready to hire your handyman. Tacoma has some wonderful professionals, and hiring one will improve your home and lifestyle immediately.

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