Contractors in Northwest

When it’s time to build, you need to find a solid contractor who can get the job done right the first time. But, there are hundreds to choose from in the Greater Pierce County area. 

Contractors in Northwest aren’t all the same. When you’re looking for a contractor, there are certain steps you should take to ensure you’re hiring the best one for your project. 

Keep reading for your guide to finding the best builders in Washington state!

Check Their License

In the United States, contractors are licensed and regulated on the state level. Each “general contractor” must pass certain safety and licensing requirements. They must also purchase surety and liability bonds in order to work.

The number one way to avoid contractor scams? Simply make sure that you’re hiring a licensed contractor and not someone who’s just saying they’re licensed. Washington State has an online portal where you can check the contractor’s legal status.

In the unlikely event that you come across someone who is posing as a licensed contractor, you should consider calling your state regulatory authority. Posing as a licensed and bonded contractor is not only a crime, but it’s also a public menace that can get people hurt.

Know the Market

Someone once said, “All professions are conspiracies against the laity.” That goes for contractors and all the mechanical arts. If you want to know how to prevent scams, you had better understand typical contractor fees for the kind of work you are doing.

Once you find a decent contractor, ask them for an estimate for the work you are doing. Ask if the number they quote you is an estimate or a solid price. If they’re an honest broker, they’ll have no problem providing for this request.

Once you have a quote, get a second opinion. Be honest with the contractor you ask to give you a second opinion. They’ll be direct and evaluate the offer, instead of trying to sell you something.

Top contracting jobs are usually subject to multiple bids. Remember though, that no one likes having their time wasted. Be honest with your contractor, and he’ll be honest with you. 

Don’t Skimp

In this world, you get what you pay for. When you’re improving real estate or building a house, is the cheapest solution the one you really want? Top contractors can demand the highest prices, this is just a fact of life!

It’s tempting to always look for the cheapest possible answer. The problem with this logic when it applies to construction is the permanence of what a contractor does. You can’t bring in your receipt and get a refund for a house!

It’s important to use only the best contractors on your property. You really don’t want to have to try and get your money back. Find an honest contractor with a solid reputation to avoid the nightmare of having to do it twice.

The Best Contractors in Northwest

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