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According to the National Gardening Survey, more of us are gardening than ever before. With 77% of Americans taking an interest in our gardens, landscaping has also reached a new high in sales.

Thinking about yard grading? Learn why you should grade your yard and the top benefits in this guide.

What is Yard Grading?

Yard grading is leveling or changing the slope of your yard. It can involve terracing, building retaining walls, and major earth moving.

Grading makes a significant impact on drainage and is probably best left to professionals. A more straightforward smoothing of existing topsoil is the kind of work a keen DIYer can do, but hopefully we can steer you in the right direction with this article.

There are more benefits to grading than you might imagine.

More Garden

A yard that has high and low spots can be difficult to garden. It is difficult to mow and landscaping is also difficult. Creating flat or at least smooth areas makes it easier to create a lawn, mow the lawn and even to have other features.

Terracing can make it easier to have play areas, decking, flowering features, and beds for planting. A graded slope provides more opportunity for cosmetic gardening. It can really transform your yard.

Better Irrigation

Plants and lawns need good drainage. There’s a balance to be found between arid conditions and wet conditions. Good drainage means you have the optimum level of moisture for healthy plant growth.

A well-graded garden ensures that water does not form pools. It also ensures that there are no high spots where water runs off too quickly and is not retained long enough for plants to get their water supply. Well graded yards help keep grass healthy and weeds at bay.

Less Loss of Topsoil

When water washes over topsoil, it picks up particles. If the slope is too steep this action can wash away topsoil and all the nutrients in it. The result is that your garden disappears with all the water running off your yard.

Proper grading reduces this runoff, protecting your topsoil and your garden.

Better Drainage

Wet, marshy conditions can form if drainage is not managed well. This can mean you have areas of water-logged soil and poor growing conditions.

Good grading improves drainage and the soil condition in your yard. Sandy soils and clay soils can be conditioned and enriched as part of the process.

Better Plant Health

With improved irrigation, better topsoil and improved drainage, the conditions are better for plants. Whether you want a healthy lawn, attractive flowers or tasty vegetables, you can achieve more with effective grading.

Protect Foundations

The slope of your yard can affect the foundations of your house. Water flowing towards your house can undermine these foundations and make the structure unstable. It’s important that your yard is graded properly to protect your home from flooding and rainwater.

Talk to the Professionals

Yard grading can make a huge positive difference to your enjoyment of your yard, not only aesthetically but for maintenance and health. Be careful that a poor understanding of the principles of effective grading doesn’t create problems with drainage and foundations in the future. Have your yard grading done by experienced professionals.

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