flooring replacement

As you walk into your bathroom, your foot squishes down into the floor a little bit. You’ve been noticing these soft or squeeking patches around your home for a couple of months now. Your carpets are also looking a bit dated and you have no idea where that stain came from or how to get rid of it.

If you’ve had the same floors since you moved in, it may be time to get them replaced or refreshed. Sometimes, some new carpet, vinyl or wood flooring and paint will really liven up a space!

To help you know for sure if you need a flooring replacement, here are a few signs that carpet, tile, wood, and vinyl will give off when it’s that time.

1. Carpet

If you professionally steam clean and can’t seem to get your carpets back to their original luster, that is a huge indicator that it needs to be replaced. This means that whatever you’ve spilled into the carpet has seeped into the padding underneath. No amount of chemicals or cleaning will remove everything.

After a while, the sources of these stains will cause your carpet to smell bad as well. That’s something else that will be hard for you to get out.

Lastly, if there are any rips and tears in your carpet, often it’s nearly impossible to match it exactly and you’ll have to replace the entire carpet in the room.

2. Tile

Ceramic tile can last a lifetime as long as it stays in style. This is because, unlike carpet, if a tile breaks, all you have to do is replace that one tile (if you have some replacement pieces stored away). You don’t have to rip up your entire floor.

A problem occurs when broken tiles are repetitive or if there is a underlying problem with the subfloor under the tile. This means you may need to re-level the foundation underneath the tile. You may also want to replace it if the style is outdated.

3. Wood

Wood flooring is another one that can last for an entire lifetime. Many houses have hardwood floor that is 100 years old, even homes in Tacoma. When it starts looking a bit beaten up though and hasn’t been maintained properly, all you have to do is sand it down and restain it. That is, if there is enough wood left to do so. Some older homes have had this done before, and can be so thin that replacement is necessary.

A sign that you need to replace it is if this method is not possible or the stain is beginning to peel. Often times this can be resanded and restained, sometimes even just in spots, but this is definitely a job for a professional.

4. Vinyl

Unlike some of the other floor types on this list, vinyl gives very obvious signs when it’s ready to be replaced.

When the adhesive starts to wear out, rolled vinyl will curl up. You may see deep scuffs that you can’t get rid of. Vinyl may also become discolored after a bit of use and it is relatively inexpensive to replace.

How to Know if You need a Flooring Replacement

If your floors are sinking in or you can’t seem to get stains out of your carpet, this may be a sign that you need to have a flooring replacement done. Still, you can never be sure if you need to replace it or just get some work done. We hope you’re able to use this guide to tell for sure.

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