laminate vs vinyl

Have your floors seen better days and they are now in need of replacement, but you’re not sure what flooring to choose?

Or are you looking to sell your home and looking for some reasonably priced flooring options to add value to the purchase price? If so, smart move!

Experts say flooring is one of the top items homebuyers use to decide whether or not to buy.

If your answer to either is yes, then read on to check out the differences between laminate vs vinyl flooring.

Differences Between Laminate vs Vinyl

Both laminate and vinyl flooring are very good options for long-lasting flooring at reasonable pricing.

Which one is best for you will likely depend on where you are installing the flooring and some personal needs and preferences.

One difference between vinyl and laminate flooring is what they are made from. Laminate flooring is made of 99% wood byproducts. Vinyl is made from plastic.

These characteristics give rise to some of the vinyl vs laminate flooring pros and cons, but there is more to look into.


Both vinyl and laminate are very durable flooring choices.

However, they are each susceptible to different types of damage. Moving heavy items, such as furniture, over vinyl can cause the vinyl to dent or tear. Laminate, in the long run, can chip and scratch with heavy wear and tear.

Recommended Areas for Each

Vinyl flooring holds up well to moisture so it makes a good option for any area of the house.

Since laminate has a high-density fiberboard core (a wood product), it doesn’t hold up quite as well in bathrooms where it can be exposed to lots of moisture and water. The kitchen and basement are other areas were laminate may not hold up as well as vinyl.

If your flooring will receive a lot of sunlight, keep in mind that vinyl is more prone to fading than laminate. However, this may not be a big factor if you end up choosing a lighter floor color.

Finishes and Colors

Today there is a wide range of colors and finishes available in both vinyl and laminate. You can choose from white, gray and black. Or opt for finishes that look like light or dark woods.

To give your flooring design additional options, the flooring can be laid down in interesting patterns, such as grid, offset, diagonal, staggered and more.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both vinyl and laminate floors can be cleaned with a steam mop. Vinyl can also be cleaned with a wet mop.

There are some products made specifically for cleaning laminate, so you would need to use those. These products can also help to restore shine.


Both laminate and vinyl flooring are excellent choices for people with pets.

But vinyl allows your pet’s feet to get a bit more traction than smoother laminate flooring. It’s worth repeating that laminate resists scratching better, though.

Let’s Discuss Your Flooring Options

Choosing between laminate vs vinyl can be a hard decision, but we can make it easier. Let us show you the options available and use our expertise to help you decide.

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