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Studies have shown that women are up to 9 times more likely to suffer from cold hands and feet than men. And we’re talking about physically cold hands and feet, not the cold feet of relationships.  That’s for another blog.  Ahem.

As for either gender, the prospect of getting out of bed on cold, winter mornings is an unpleasant reality.

That’s why radiant heat flooring is an increasingly popular upgrade when people are doing home renovations. 

Not only do heated floors make your feet more comfortable, but they help lower your thermostat setting at all times of the day, possibly saving a large amount of money on your energy bills.

A recent study found that heated floors lower energy bills. That’s because where floors are heated, people are comfortable with the thermostat set 6 to 8 degrees lower. 

If you are doing a Tacoma renovation, read on to learn about your heated flooring options. 

Heated Flooring Options

There are two main residential heated flooring options. Depending on what you are looking for, one of these options may be a better fit for your home.

Electric Heated Flooring

Electric heated floors have cables that are attached to mats and installed over the subfloor of a room.

Homeowners can choose ceramic tiles, hardwood, or laminate flooring over the electric heated flooring. That way when you walk on your floors, your feet are nice and warm.

Depending on what type of flooring you choose, you will need a different type of mat between the cables and your floor of choice.

If you have existing flooring that you don’t want to rip up, you can still get heated flooring. Some types of electric radiant pads fit in joist bays under the subfloor, but may require access from a basement to facilitate this type of installation.

The problem some people run into with electric heated flooring is that radiant heat flooring can be expensive to purchase and install. Most homeowners reserve it for specific rooms in the house like the kitchen and bathroom. 

Often, contractors will install a programmable thermostat to control both air and floor temperatures separately, but the upgrade in your bathroom on cold mornings is well worth it, once you’ve experienced how it works.

Hydronic Heated Flooring

Hydronic heated flooring can heat your entire home. It works by sending heated water through tubes that sit under the floor. A boiler heats the water to anywhere between 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The tubes can be stapled under the subflooring or can sit inside special subfloor panels that have grooves for these tubes. Or the tubes can be embedded into concrete if you’re doing a new installation.

You can choose any type of finished flooring to go on top. Even carpet, vinyl, and engineered hardwood floor.

The only other item to consider is the infloor heating costs. 

How Much are Heated Floors?

When you are considering the radiant floor heating costs you need to keep in mind the potential energy savings as well. Heated floors can help you lower the thermostat settings.

Installing hydronic radiant heat will likely cost you $1.75 per sq. ft. for materials. But, you will still need to factor in labor costs and any permits or upgrades to your flooring to go over the top of your coils.

On the other hand, electric radiant floor heating will cost you around $6 per sq. ft. for materials. But, installation is typically less expensive because installation is fairly simple comparatively to hydronic heat.

Make sure you choose a good contractor who has installed both systems in other home renovations.

Bottom Line

If you are planning a home renovation in Tacoma then it’s the perfect time to consider your heated flooring options.

Not only will it keep your feet luxuriously warm, but it will also help you feel comfortable with a lower thermostat setting.

And if you’re looking for some help, read 5 convincing reasons to hire our remodel contractors.

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