gutter repair

The average price to repair damage to your home caused by water is over $4000 and can easily climb into the tens of thousands.  Even with homeowners insurance, your deductable can be significant.

What is standing between that considerable expense and your wallet? The answer is probably quality working gutters.

Gutters and downspouts channel water away and protect your roof, deck, and foundation.  And by keeping your entrances safe to walk on, they are also preventing the medical bills and potential legal costs associated with a slip and fall.

Now that you know how much money your gutters are saving you when they work correctly, here are the best ways to save on gutter repair, replacement and installation.

Warning Signs

Here’s a list 5 things to look for during and after the next storm to see if your gutters are working properly

  1. Is water dripping at the seams of your gutters?
  2. Is your front porch or deck feeling slick or gathering mold or mildew?
  3. Are there puddles forming near the foundation of your home?
  4. Does water overflow over the top of your gutters?
  5. Does the pitch of your gutters seem to be heading in the wrong direction or are there any gaps pulling them away from the fascia boards?

In the short term, water can ruin your landscaping and corrosive dangerous conditions. But when these warning signs are left unchecked, water can create mold or significant foundation issues.

If you are seeing evidence of water escaping your gutters in any place other than the end of your downspout, your gutters are more than likely in need of gutter replacement service or repair.

Don’t DIY Gutters

You may have read how easy rain gutter repair might be. But there are a few critical reasons why you shouldn’t tackle this job yourself.

A good gutter repair and installation company is going to have several advantages going for it.

Primarily, when you install gutters yourself, you are going to have joints every 12 feet.  With most homes, gutter runs on the outside your home will have at least 2 seams as most exteriors are much longer than the stock gutter length.

Seams are the weak spots that allow leaf buildup, leaks and the possibility of pitch problems.

A professional gutter company can create a custom seamless gutter for each section of your home.  Not only does it look so much better, but it helps to keep many of the issues that cause water damage from occurring.

And more importantly, gutter companies like Delano Construction, are also going to be licensed and insured, giving you the peace of mind that the job is done properly and professionally. 

Don’t be one of the 500 thousand people that fall from a ladder every year. Should you or a friend injure yourself trying to save some money installing gutters, you will be multiplying the cost of calling in the pros a few times over.

Finally, you will have a far more extensive choice of colors when going with the pros, giving your home more curb appeal and adding value when it comes time to sell.

Best Ways to Save on Gutter Repair, Replacement, and Installation

By understanding that the best ways to save on gutter repair, replacement and installation, you are insured to get the job done right.  Delano Construction wants to help you keep your largest investment safe gaining long term equity for the season you own it.  And not to mention, gutter repair, replacement or installation from Delano Construction is probably more affordable than you might think!

If you are looking for gutter repair and installation in and around Tacoma, Washington, click here to find out why having an expert will save you money and stress for years to come.

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