basement bar

Are you considering setting up a bar in your basement? This is more common than you might think.

Whether you’re a bachelor or just want to add some fun to your weekend parties, there are many different ways to remodel your basement and one of those ideas is to install a bar.

Here are the top basement bar ideas to bring the party downstairs.

Luxury Basement Bar

What’s more luxurious than a dark wood stained high-end bar or restaurant? Try to re-create that look and feel in your remodel by using darker colors like a dark navy, charcoal, or black. 

Consider using additional materials like marble and shiny, metallic or brass hardware on your cabinets or shelving.  Lastly, leather seats and top notch alcohol will really set your bar apart!

Going Rustic

If luxury is not your style, try opting for a rustic theme in your home bar. This works nicely if you live in a farmhouse style home.

Work with materials like reclaimed wood in natural colors and metal. Having a brick wall will also help bring in that rustic feel.

When looking for bar stools, get some with ornate ironwork. Ironwork is classic and works well with the rustic look along with rustic steins and natural edged wood.

Fully Stock Your Shelves

If you really want to sell the idea that your basement is a bar, create shelves that run across the back of your feature wall.  Utilizing mirrors always opens up a small space as well.

You’ll want to fully stock these shelves so that you create the look of an actual bar. This will make a big impact on your visitors, especially if you have a few higher end designer bottles you can show off.

Shelving should always be hung properly, anchored to studs and properly placed for weight distribution.  Reach out to us for help if you’re unsure.

Have Fun with Lighting

Basements can be dark because of the lack of windows. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you have ample lighting for your party guests.

Instead of boring track lights or hideous shop lights, try to have fun with unique lighting that will be conversation starters.

Look for vintage neon signs for a more playful feel. You can also opt for marquee lights. These often come in the shapes of different letters so that you can spell out your last name, the name of your “bar,” or anything you want!

You can also take some inspiration from local bars in town. Take a night to go check out what kind of lighting they use and then try to imitate it.  

And if you need to move lights or are unsure if breaker can take an additional light or two, again, reach out to us before you try anything a contractor should be taking care of for you.

Get a Bar Cart

If you are low on space, you can try investing in a small bar cart for your downstairs area. Bar carts are great because they come on wheels so that you can move the drinks and glasses around wherever you need them throughout the night.

Finding the perfect bar cart can be a great way to elevate your downstairs bar and add some personality. Not to mention, you’ll be saving some space and some money by choosing to go with a bar cart instead of a full bar.

And it’s always nice to have fresh water and a bar sink near your bar cart.  We can also set you up with a small counter and bar sink to easily get you going.

Talk of the Town

These basement bar ideas should get you inspired to start designing and remodeling your own downstairs party set up. You’ll definitely be the talk of the town with your home bar!

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