home addition ideas

Home remodeling can be tricky. Whether you’re looking to sell or just update your living space, adding an addition to your house can be daunting.

Unless you’re a handyman, its best to leave the construction up to the experts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t brainstorm!

You might know exactly what your house needs — a new master closet for your shoes, of course — but more often than not, wanting to expand doesn’t necessarily mean you have an exact plan in mind.

We’ve done a bit of research and found out the best ways to increase your space. Read on for some useful home addition ideas that will raise the value and square footage of your home.

Kitchen Expansion

A kitchen remodel is the perfect project to take on to pack more square footage onto your house! Work with a reputable construction company to see the best way to go about expanding and designing your new kitchen.

Not only will physically adding space to the kitchen raise the value of your home by size alone — the kitchen is such a focal point of the home that updating it can drastically impact the entire aesthetic of your home.

Looking to sell or sick of your ancient oven? Don’t forget to add new appliances to complete the look and keep everything up to safety standards.

Add a Mudroom

Looking to add extra space but don’t necessarily need another bathroom or bedroom? Mudrooms can vary greatly in size, shape, use, and more making it a perfect room addition.

Modular Addition

A modular addition may sound like a newfangled thing — but these modular additions have been around since the early 20th century.

Still, modular rooms are a neat concept. A completely constructed room is added on to the preexisting home.

If you’re looking for a personal remodel that is made just for your house and needs — a modular room is not for you. Instead, work with your local construction company to customize a space that is everything you’ve dreamed of.

Enclose Your Deck

Never use the back deck? Maybe you want to be able to use this space in winter?

Utilize your deck or porch 365 days a year by enclosing and heating the space.

Interested in this quick and easy way to add some valuable square footage to your house? Double-check that the foundation is up to code, build walls and hook up the heat. If you make your deck a useable and finished area, you can now include this room in your home’s square footage!

Finish the Attic

If you’re looking to add major square footage to your house without outside construction, finishing the attic may be for you.

Have an attic you can reach by stairs? Is the ceiling of standard height (at least 7 feet tall)?

An attic remodel may be the best way to increase the livable space in your house! Major plus — if you are looking to sell, you can include the finished attic space in your home’s size.

Put Your Home Addition Ideas Into Action

Looking for a way to expand your home, but not sure what adds the most value?

Whether you’re expanding your home to add value or space, figuring out the best way to go about house additions can be complicated. You don’t have to do it alone.

Get experts to make your home addition ideas a reality with the help of Delano Construction, a family business.

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