The global DIY tools market will grow to almost $14 billion by 2021. But while the DIY craze is exploding in popularity, there are some things you really shouldn’t try to tackle as a novice.

Planning a home remodeling project? Check out our list of five things you should never DIY to avoid getting yourself into any trouble. 

1. Structural Repairs

This should be a given, but seeing all of the crazy videos around the web, we want to make sure this is one repair you don’t try to do yourself. Never take on any home remodeling where you’ll need to interfere with the structure. This is especially true of older homes. They likely have structural wear that you’ll need to upgrade when you open things up. 

While it could be costly, having a solid structure is worth the money. These kids of repairs are dangerous, and if you aren’t careful, can result in much greater costs to fix later on. And you don’t want to knock out the wrong beam and have your entire house come crashing down!  A quick search online and you’ll find people who have actually done just that.

2. Home Remodeling Involving Plumbing, Gas, or Electricity

If you plan on any home remodeling for your gas, electric, or plumbing, you’ll need a professional. In many states, work permits are required for this kind of work. For example, most electrical work in Washington state requires a permit and inspection.

Figuring out how to apply to these permits are difficult for anyone that’s not an expert in the area. And, of course, you’ll need to consider how dangerous this work can be.

One faulty wire and you could spark a fire. Mess and cut through a pipe and you could flood your home with water or potentially leaked sewage.

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