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Remodeling your home can be an exciting time in your life. However, if you’re unprepared, it can also be an inconvenient headache!

With remodeling on the rise, it’s important that homeowners know how to prepare for it! 

Check out our pro tips for remodeling near Tacoma!

Hire a Reliable, Reputable Contractor

There are a lot of solid, trustworthy contractors and contracting companies out there. However, there is also a lot of the exact opposite.

Before you hire a contractor, do some research on them and make sure they come with a solid number of positive recommendations from others who were remodeling near Tacoma.

Create a Solid Means of Communication

Once you’ve decided upon a worthy contractor, you need to set up a reliable means of communication with them. Whether it’s their cell phone or an email address, make sure you can get a hold of them.

Additionally, if any reviews of the contractor state that they were difficult to reach or had poor communication, don’t waste your time on them because your experience wouldn’t be much different. 

Remember, good communication is key!

Set a Timeline

When you hire a contractor, you need to be clear about your wishes and expectations. From there, they can bid the job for both cost and an expected timeline.

Remember, however, that unforeseen events may occur and the weather can always become a factor. A timeline should be firm, but with room for flexibility.

Agree Upon a Price

Not unlike the timeline, you and your contractor may come up with a price that ends up changing before the project is complete. 

In your initial meeting, talk to your contractor about any concerns they have and common occurrences that may alter their quoted price. Additionally, remember that it’s not their fault if your home has unexpected and unforeseen issues!  Expect them in an older home and plan for a 10% margin for unforseen costs.

Prepare the Space for Remodel

Once you’ve got plans squared away, you need to prepare the space that is about to be remodeled. This should all be done prior to the first day workers show up.

Remove Everything

First, you need to remove everything from the space. This includes furniture, art, decor, personal belongings, knick-knacks, etc.

It’s not the workmen’s job to tip-toe around your stuff to prevent accidentally breaking it. Make life a little easier on yourself and the workers by clearing the space sufficiently.

Prepare the Rest of Your Home for Workers

Secondly, it’s very possible that the workers may need access to other areas of your home such as your bathroom or kitchen. 

In this case, you need to have the area prepared and easily accessible. You also can’t expect them to take their work boots on and off every time they enter, so it’s best if you can lay something down to protect your flooring. Or ask if they’d provide protective floor covering for  you.

This also means you need to dictate the standards of where they can and can’t go. Most workers who are remodeling near Tacoma are incredibly respectful of homeowners by nature.

Ready for a Remodel?

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your home, now’s the time! 

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