Seattle Remodeling Contractors

Are you addicted to HGTV or general home remodeling shows? And now you’ve built up the motivation to try some remodeling of your own?  If so, you’ll need the help of local Seattle remodeling contractors if you want your project to get done right.

But how do you find the best one out of the crowd, without spending too much money and time? 

Learn what steps to take before you pick up the phone, below.

Ask Your Friends

Chances are you know someone who’s hired a contractor. That doesn’t mean they’ve built a custom house, but you at least known someone who’s remodeled their kitchen or bathroom.

Those types of remodels typically require a contractor, so they probably have an opinion about who you should hire. Getting a recommendation from a friend is not only the cheapest way to find a contractor, but one of the most effective ways.

You can ask your friends questions you wouldn’t feel comfortable asking the contractor to their face. Like, what didn’t they like? Do they have any complaints?  It’s great to understand if the contractor actually followed through.

Ask Google (Read Reviews)

And if you don’t have any friends who know contractors . . . ask Google! Google is a great resource for narrowing down a list of options.

Read other people’s reviews of a contractor online, paying attention to the values they note. You know what’s important to you – timeliness, cleanliness, honesty and more. Those are the cornerstones, but maybe you want someone who can get things done quickly or someone that does a better job when they take their time.

Those are things you’ll learn about a potential contractor in Seattle by reading reviews.

What do the negative reviews say? There always are some. Take note of what they were upset about, not the harsh words they chose to use. Your values may not be the same as theirs, but it’s good to note where the contractor can improve or how they responded to the negativity.

Ask for a Portfolio

Contractors should keep photos and even videos of projects they’ve worked on. You should be able to see finished photos, as well as some before and afters.  Social media is ususally a great place to start looking for these types of photos.

Though a contractor will ask you what you want, each one has a certain style. If you look at the pictures and don’t feel compelled by them, it may be time to move on.

Get Their License and Certification

No, you don’t need their tag number, but you absolutely need to make sure they’re bonded and licensed. An unbonded contractor could cost you thousands were something to go wrong.

Doing this pre-step before you agree to work with them can keep your little project from becoming a mountain of issues.

If they’re not legitimate, you’ll be able to tell by how they respond to you when asking for these papers. Make sure you get proof, don’t take them at their word.

Seattle Remodeling Contractors

Finally, when you’re having your initial consultation, make sure you connect well with the contractor. You don’t have to be best friends, but they need to be someone you trust coming in and out of your house.

If everything lines up, then great! Now you know how to look for best Seattle remodeling contractors. Just be sure to give them a review, or better, a referral, when all is said and done.

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