home remodelers,

One of the most popular investments people make is remodeling their home.

In the united states last year, people doled out over $303 billion on remodeling and home improvement.

Few people have enough prior knowledge to remodel their own home, so the best option is to hire home remodelers. How do you decide who to employ and welcome into your abode?

We have aggregated 7 questions to ask your prospective remodeler before you sign a contract. Read on to learn more.

1. Do You Have a License and Insurance Secured?

One of the most crucial questions to ask is whether they have a license and insurance in case there is a problem or an injury during the project.

The license will prove that the company can do remodeling in your particular state.

Insurance will protect you and the company from liability in case an injury or damages occur while they are working in your home.

2. What about Delegation of Permit Applications?

Almost any time you do work on a property, you will need to file for the appropriate permits from the city.

Many cities require the builder to file for the permits themselves.

If you do not have the proper permits, the city can suspend the build until the proper permits have been acquired (or indefinitely)… even in the middle of a project.

3. What Are Your Areas of Expertise?

If you are adding a room to your house, you want someone that has experience doing that kind of project, not someone who has only ever done flooring.

Make sure you ask what types of home remodeling the company considers their areas of expertise.

4. Do You Present Pictures of Concluded Projects?

What happens when you are proud of a completed project? An impromptu photo session!

A quality home remodeling company will have lots of pictures of completed jobs that they are proud to show you. If the company does not have a catalog of pictures to show you, they may not be proud of their own work.

5. Is There an Applicable Warranty?

One item that can help you differentiate between 2 comparable companies is whether they have a warranty on their work.

A warranty should state what the job is to be as well as what each of your responsibilities will be in case of a dispute.

Be sure you get a copy in writing before initiating the remodel.

6. What Is the Communication Procedure?

In case of emergency, or if you have questions, you need to know who to contact and the preferred method.

Make sure you know what frequency the company will touch base with you and what paperwork you should receive when they have completed the job.

7. Who Will Be the Home Remodelers?

This may seem like an odd inquiry at first, but don’t you want to know who will be coming into your home?

Ask if you can have the names of the builders and their respective tenures. Also, verify who the lead on site will be so you know who to talk to during progress.

Also, verify who the lead on site will be so you know who to talk to during progress.

Commence the Build

Now that you have some interview questions for prospective home remodelers, you are ready to begin your hiring process.

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