Simple Landscape

According to one study, 71% of potential buyers consider how the landscaping looks before buying a house. 

Even if you’re not selling your house, appealing landscaping brings curb appeal to your house, makes it more inviting to guests and hopefully brings a smile to your face each time you drive up to your own house!  

Looking to get your lawn summer ready? Then start this spring.  Check out these 5 easy and simple landscape ideas that you can use to transform the look and feel of your backyard.

1. Edging

Edging is one simple landscape tip you can use to make sure that your house is the one on the block that stands out.

Edging is relatively cheap to buy, but it may take some time to install.  You can use it to separate your garden from your lawn or the lawn from your sidewalk. 

Use chalk or something else to lay out the outline you want your edging to be in. Once you’re satisfied with how you think it should look, then you can start hammering your edging into place.  And don’t forget about regular edging with your edger along the sidewalk.  After mowing, cleaning up the edges along the sidewalk or pathways is like a great haircut for your yard!

2. Build a Block or Stone Wall

A block wall is also a relatively simple concept, though it is a bit labor intensive. Depending on what kind of blocks or stones you buy and how high your wall is going to be, the costs can vary on the stones and the sand to put inside the wall. 

To build this wall, figure out where you want it to be, and then dig a hole a few inches below the ground level and wide enough to make room for the blocks.  Make sure the sand is flat and level.

When you’re laying the stones down, make sure that you notice the notching on the back to stack them properly, and place them accordingly. You should save the prettiest and the largest blocks for the top layer.

Then you will back fill behind the stones and lay down your drainage, and then stamp it all down flat.  And now you have a beautiful addition to your landscape. 

3. Plant with a Purpose

Plants are one of the easiest things to spruce up your landscape, and, depending on which ones you choose, they can be relatively cheap.  You can find some great plants and pots locally at Tacoma Boys or H&L Produce.  Or reach out to us at Delano Construction for any recommendations.

Make sure that you have a color theme in mind before you start buying every single plant you see. 

4. Build a Fence

Building a fence can also be a great way to make your landscape stand out.

Spend some time picking out a fence that goes with the house and the rest of your landscape, maybe a white picket or cedar fence. 

You can install the fence yourself or hire a contractor like us to do it for you!

5. Build a Tree Surround

If you have trees in your yard, you can make them stand out even more by building a surround around them. 

Dig a simple shallow trench around the tree, add some sand, and then install brick or stone along the edge. 

This can even be a cheap project, depending on what stones or bricks you decide to purchase. 

Install Your Simple Landscape Projects Today

Once you’ve updated your yard with these simple landscape projects, now it may be time to update your house.

Depending on what you want to remodel or fix, this may be a bigger project than just your landscape.

However, we’re here to help you with that. Contact us today for a quote

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